Aug 29 2013

Shoulder Rehab!

I’ve been injured for almost a full year now. Shoulder just doesn’t want to cooperate. I was given a new set of stretches. It was odd how when I did them I felt things shifting. Might have been my tendons. Whatever it was it almost fixed my shoulder right up. This week it is still a little tender, but I can do my benches fast and with some explosion.

I can now start pushing my training!


Oct 8 2011

ECCW’s Halloween Hell – Oct 28th 2011

Halloween Hell Surrey

ECCW Halloween Hell

I’m proud to announce this event will contain the second annual fans bring the weapons Moondog Manson’s Hardcore Invitational. After having my previous Hardcore Title stripped from me and the hardcore division outlawed, order has been restored and all of the competitors will be fighting in a giant brawl using weapons supplied by the fans. Continue reading

Jun 29 2008

Wrestling on a long week end

So to start the long week end off on the right tone I was blessed with a chance to participate in a lumberjack match as a lumberjack. I was all excited for this, I was aching to get a few whacks in with my barbed wire bat. Continue reading

Jun 1 2008

May 30th ECCW Results – New Hardcore Champ

With my training going so well and my new drive and determination in the wrestling business, it was only a matter of time before I won my 9th ECCW Hardcore Title. Continue reading

Jun 1 2008

Repost: Newspaper Article from Similkameen Spotlight

Normally I would just link an excerpt to a news paper article but I know the newspaper vendor that maintains their website deletes news that is over 2 weeks old so it will be lost forever. It’s more of a funny article to read if you know what should be written there. It is full of mistakes Continue reading