Red Traffic Lights and the people who run them

You know it is very frequently when I am driving to be entering an intersection when the green light turns amber. What’s just as frequent is if you were to look in the rear view mirror you will notice the stream of cars who follow. I some times see up to 3 cars going through the amber light, which by the time the 2nd or 3rd car is entering the intersections it is a solid red.

I have thought about many solutions to this problem, with some being flawed.

Extend the Amber light

This was my first thought, it would give people a better chance to clear the intersection. Of course this brought up another point, I would then see 6 cars trying to follow me through the amber light.

Shorten the Amber light

This pretty much falls victim to the flaw in the first solution. It would probably in fact increase accident rates in intersections. Even intersections with signs ahead of the intersections that flash warning the light is changing soon causes people to speed up to “make the light”.

Increase the Red light period

Think about it. If after the the light turns red the intersection stays red in all directions for a longer period of time it would definitely decrease the accident rates in intersections. Of course this won’t fix drivers not paying attention to the lights, as I am sure we all have accidentally run a red light or two. There is also still the risk of accidents happening just with people driving sloppily or turning at the wrong time. I do think this should be implemented still, after all if we can lengthen the time between red running drivers and green jumping drivers from hitting the intersection it will still have positive outcome.

Red Light Camera’s and Auto Ticketing

They really need to implement camera’s at all the major intersections. If people know they are going to get a ticket it will stop the majority of people of driving through intersections rushing the light. I know people complain about them not being the driver of the vehicle some times and they should not pay, but lets face it do you really want some one who drives like a maniac in your vehicle anyways?

I think they should take it one step further and even give tickets to any vehicle in the intersection at any point when the light is red, this may even reduce speeding since it would be difficult at times to slam on the breaks.

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