Jun 29 2008

Wrestling on a long week end

So to start the long week end off on the right tone I was blessed with a chance to participate in a lumberjack match as a lumberjack. I was all excited for this, I was aching to get a few whacks in with my barbed wire bat. Continue reading

Jun 1 2008

Repost: Newspaper Article from Similkameen Spotlight

Normally I would just link an excerpt to a news paper article but I know the newspaper vendor that maintains their website deletes news that is over 2 weeks old so it will be lost forever. It’s more of a funny article to read if you know what should be written there. It is full of mistakes Continue reading

May 26 2008

ECCW Tour in Princeton and Kelowna

So it’s been a few years since I was on a multi day road trip and quite frankly I completely miss the road. I decided a few months back when my weight training was going well that I should start getting back in ring shape and make a serious go at it again. Continue reading

May 26 2008

El Muerte – Topless Moondog Action

I found a very visually stimulating video on the internet of myself. Not only do you get to see me topless but my mooncrack is showing. It was an interesting mix that night we filmed in Vancouver. Continue reading