May 31 2008

Interesting read: Dating a Professional Wrestler

I found this interesting read on the internet about dating professional wrestlers. Though I think it is a tad watered down about the realities of it, it is a solid read. I know one of the hardest things for me having chose to become a professional wrestler is keeping normal girlfriends. Continue reading

May 26 2008

ECCW Tour in Princeton and Kelowna

So it’s been a few years since I was on a multi day road trip and quite frankly I completely miss the road. I decided a few months back when my weight training was going well that I should start getting back in ring shape and make a serious go at it again. Continue reading

May 26 2008

El Muerte – Topless Moondog Action

I found a very visually stimulating video on the internet of myself. Not only do you get to see me topless but my mooncrack is showing. It was an interesting mix that night we filmed in Vancouver. Continue reading

May 22 2008

May 21st – Squat Work out missing spectators

Well I write this feeling impressed with my self, as well as completely confused. Seems I was going to have a bad squat work out last night, wasn’t feeling very fresh. The gym had a bad atmosphere and lack my usual set of friendly spectators to show off in front of. Your work outs go so much smoother when you have peers to try to impress.

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May 19 2008

May 19th Bench Press Workout

My training all around has been going pretty well, but my bench press training is going a little bit sideways. Some weeks I have ultra strong work outs in the bench press, but my auxiliary lifts just stay at the same weights. Yet other weeks my bench press goes down, while all of my auxiliary lifts flat line.

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