May 21st – Squat Work out missing spectators

Well I write this feeling impressed with my self, as well as completely confused. Seems I was going to have a bad squat work out last night, wasn’t feeling very fresh. The gym had a bad atmosphere and lack my usual set of friendly spectators to show off in front of. Your work outs go so much smoother when you have peers to try to impress.

So I started out my usual warm up regiment of 135lbs x5, 225lbs x 5, 315lbs x 5. I just felt off on them all, felt like bad form all around.

I get under 355lbs and do another set of 5. For some reason I decide to pause on this set for the last rep, I swear I saw some one start to move towards me because they thought I had failed lol.

So I jump to 405lbs and get ample rest. I find a spotter which had just shown up to the gym, he spotted me a few weeks back when I did my first 5 reps with this weight. I then get under the bar, tell my spotter I am going to aim for 5 but will play it by ear. The set starts out feeling light, so light rep 3 felt lighter then rep 3 on the previous set. So rep 5 comes and I feel really strong. Then comes rep 6, and then rep 7. At this point due to my bad legs I would normally had cut my self off just for safety reasons, but some thing in side of me said I got 7 might as well go for 8.

Now rep 8 I got up with out a doubt, but right after that it was time to shut down lol. I took a 5 minute nap on the floor then proceeded to spend 25 minutes unloading the bar. Afterwards I had to take a 10 minute nap in the car before attempting to drive home.

It was really amazing how having just one person there to cheer you on can completely change your entire work out around. Some times the gym is a socials club with people all there to lift big. I know working out at Gold’s in Burnaby is a great place for me.

I wonder if maybe I should try 455lbs. Maybe do a set of 3 with 425lbs then a set of 3 with 455lbs.

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