May 30th ECCW Results – New Hardcore Champ

With my training going so well and my new drive and determination in the wrestling business, it was only a matter of time before I won my 9th ECCW Hardcore Title.

I’ll be sure to get the rest of the photos up some time soon along with a lot of other ones I have gotten lately from other shows.

Moondog Manson d. Cremator and Prince Aladdin to become the new ECCW Hardcore champion.
-Cremator seemed to have the match won when Scotty Mac came out and attacked him. While Cremator was distracted, Manson hit a sick piledriver on Aladdin to win the match and title (despite not pinning the champion). Cremator choked out both referees Robert Mitchell and Bill Coltrane after the match.

Now I know it’s not a shocker that I won my title back, after all:

  1. I am the first ever ECCW Hardcore Champion
  2. I am the guy who held the ECCW Hardcore Title the longest
  3. I am the most consistent Hardcore wrestler ECCW has ever seen

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