ECCW Tour in Princeton and Kelowna

So it’s been a few years since I was on a multi day road trip and quite frankly I completely miss the road. I decided a few months back when my weight training was going well that I should start getting back in ring shape and make a serious go at it again. My muscles and strength are back, still need lots of work in the Cardio department. Not to mention I am wrestling about 75lbs heavier then I was when I was wrestling full time several years back.

Friday Morning Funeral

We started our road trip out on a sad note. Legendary British Columbia Midget Ref Beautiful Bruce had his mother pass away so several of us had to attend her funeral to show him some support in this time of need. Normally we would have been on the road first thing in the morning.

Friday Princeton BC

We left New Westminster BC for the drive to Princeton BC and as a prime example of how I am trying to make a positive change in my life, when we stopped in Chilliwack to get gas and food three of us snook off to have a nice sit down of Sushi. Back in the good old days I would have been all over McDonald’s, but I really need to be more cautious about how I eat.

Princeton Hotel Fire

Princeton Hotel on Fire Prince Hotel - In Ruins after fire

When we got to Princeton I was saddened to find out the Princeton Hotel had been torn down, there seems to have been a pretty bad fire (CBC news story). It’s an empty lot now and didn’t look like there were plans to redevelop,I still remember fondly of one of the first ever cock block incidents I ever fell victim of, imagine a bunch of wrestler with a full scale assault on your hotel room while you are trying to get some where with a girl. The creepiest part was when Stuart Kemp actually exited the hotel room through his window and shuffled along the outside ledge to stand staring into my room. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on his face.

ECCW show time in Princeton BC

When we arrived at the building I decided to stay low key and just prepare for tonight. I got dressed up really early and waited to find out who I was wrestling. I was there filling in for Cremator, whom I suspect couldn’t get out of work at the creamery where he makes cream (in fact it was his fellow Newfie co-worker that gave him his name of Cream hater, but in his accent makes it sound like Cremator). I was informed by the booker I would be fighting Ravenous Randy from Alberta and Stampede Wrestling.

Now I honestly haven’t been to Princeton to wrestle in 5 or 6 years, and I figured any one who would have remembered me would have been of age and skipped town. I got a pop from the crowd when I came out, but you could tell from what they were saying they knew who I was. There happened to be a couple of RCMP officers watching the shows and my lack of respect for the authorities started to shine through. I made it clear to them and the crowd after I was done with Randy I would coming after them.

Moondog Manson vs. Ravenous Randy – Hardcore Rules

When the ring announcer started to introduce me on the microphone I made sure he introduced me as the man with a hole in his crotch. The hole was quite large as I blew the crotch out on my pants which had to be about 5 years old now. The match started off with Randy trying his best to avoid being in the ring with me. When he finally got into the ring with me so I could sodomize him I started to notice a few things:

  • My new strength actually has me being able to jump higher
  • Ravenous Randy is a good worker and I would wrestle him again
  • The hole in my crotch is about 400% larger now
  • My Cardio definitely sucks

I beat Randy by using my favorite video game type finishing move combo, piledriver followed by two sit down powerbombs. Lucky for the Police they had positioned them selves behind a wall so I had no choice but to take my victory to the back and prepare for the battle royale, well maybe I didn’t need to prepare for it but it was in my way of hitting the crown bottle after the show.

Hotel fun time in Princeton

There may have been a few drunken moments I can’t really repeat here, some thing like 99% of a 6 hour period. I am just glad Chucky Blaze didn’t fall down that steep embankment, dude I swear I was just heading to that fence to take a leak you didn’t need to jump the fence and run.

Saturday Kelowna BC

So I wake up drunk Saturday, not hung over in the slightest. I start my day off with a bottle of water, supplements, vitamins, and a no sugar high protein bar. Now I feel like a million bucks. We drive to Kelowna BC where it feels hotter then I like, I was hoping it would rain or snow. I head to the gym and a word of advice for any wrestlers, don’t let your fellow wrestlers dictate which gym to go to because drop in will be cheaper. The YMCA is equipped with machines and weights from the 70’s, I couldn’t go very heavy on the bench because my hands were sliding. After the gym I hit the mall and the food court, I hit the sushi place since it looked like the healthiest with out tapping into the crap tossed salad shit.

Last nights hangover late for the party

Now for some reason last night hangover decides to kick in at about 5pm, and it seemed to do the same for every one. Not sure if it was the air quality or what, but it sure sucked. As we all recover and prepare for tonights show it begins to hit me, when I was at the gym I weighed my self and was going into shock about it. I weighed in at 367lbs, and I will tell you if you guessed my weight you would think I weighed way less. They actually won’t list my legitimate weight because it would look like a guy being 6 feet tall claiming 6’6 lol. It’s just way too much weight though, and I definitely know I would be much better off if I dropped down to 300lbs.

ECCW show time in Kelowna BC

So my match tonight is against Marty Sugar. I think Marty Sugar and Cremator should team together, they could be “Cream and Sugar”. In any event I need to step of my hardcore violence this time. When I get out in front of the crowd I get the microphone and announce that I am dedicating the match to the rip in my shorts. Now the building is hot as fuck and as soon as my head gets split open the sweat just allows the blood to pour into my eyes. So now I am hot as fuck (thank god for the rip in my pants for air conditioning) and blind. At one point I take a barbed wire wrapped chair and put it on Marty Sucre’s fat belly and let my fat belly come crashing down on them both, I almost started laughing when I got up and I got this chair stuck to my front side briefly. After I ripped the barbs from my shirt I finished beating the snot out of him for my second victory in a row.

Hotel fun time in Kelowna

After the show I just head back to the hotel, really in need of taking it easy tonight. Black Dragon, Lumberjack Bubba, and myself catch up on the old times. Dragon had dislocated his big toe and it looked like he was wearing flesh colored Iron Sheik boots, after a few hours of drinking we finally convinced him to let us pop it back in place. The rest of the night was pretty much unrepeatable like usual, though it was brought to our attention the bumblebee guy has long ones.

Sunday End of tour Drive home

My room is awake at 8am and showered/ready to head home at 9am. Back when Michelle Starr ran these shows if he could he would pull us out as early as possible, but these new breeds seem to think check out of hotel is wake up time. Any experienced worker knows sleep and road trips don’t go hand in hand, next time I think I will have to get keys to every ones rooms to do naked run ins on to force them up and out.

The drive back to Vancouver was fun right up until we got past Abbotsford, betweens traffic and accidents it was just straight fucked. I have to admit I didn’t want to come back, which really has me thinking I need to try to go on the road a lot more. If my training keeps up and I start doing trips I might just be able to finally get to do some tours in other countries. I was close before to going some where until I slowed down and took my life focus off wrestling and onto work.

Upcoming May 30th 2008 ECCW Show Surrey BC

On Friday I will be competing for the ECCW Hardcore Title in a 3 way hardcore match. I honestly for the first time in a long time want this title back so bad. ECCW lost it’s extreme edge and some of the young guys are starting to light that extreme fire back up. I have held the title 8 times and plan on adding a 9th title reign to my record. I think my training of alternating weights and whisky is going to give me that edge my competitors do not have. For more information on this event check out:

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