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Normally I would just link an excerpt to a news paper article but I know the newspaper vendor that maintains their website deletes news that is over 2 weeks old so it will be lost forever. It’s more of a funny article to read if you know what should be written there. It is full of mistakes, but hey atleast I made front page news in some town again.

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ECCW wrestling shows off at Princeton Arena

By Donnie Mare – Similkameen Spotlight – May 29, 2008

The Princeton and District Arena was transformed into a wrestling ring Friday evening as almost 100 people jammed into the seats for hopefully the first annual ECCW Pro Wrestling matches.

First in the ring was Charlie Blaze and Mad Dog for a non-title event. Blaze came out first in a sort of cocky manner, telling the crowd how he disliked Princeton. This raised a few eyebrows and then the heckling started, back and forth with the crowd until Mad Dog entered the fray.

Cheers for the 200 plus pound wrestler were echoed throughout the arena the big guy circled the ring and gave high five’s to the crowd. Once in the ring, it did not take too long for the “Dog” to make short work of the “dull” Blade.

Next to hit the floor was the “Prince” Adide to take on a man who was thought to live in Princeton a long time ago.

As the Prince took to the microphone, he tried to get the crowd going by saying he would like to see Princeton’s name be changed to “Prince Town”. From the reaction of the crowd, they were not having any of it.

“We like the name Princeton”, said one of the town’s people, “It used to be Prince Town, but it was changed long ago”, was another reply.

Bubba, as he was called, did the crowd a favour as he threw the Prince out of the ring and won the match with the crowd’s approval.

Tag teams are one of the favourites of wrestling fans world wide and four combatants entered the ring to do battle with each other.

One of the four was the “Chicken Man”, dressed in a yellow mask with black stripes.

As the match got under way, the four would tag each other and show some moves to the fans, but the Chicken Man was outstanding.

As he was in an arm twist, and on his knees, he suddenly somersaulted around his opponent 360 degrees with lightning fast reflexes, much to the crowd’s amazement.

After a short break in the action, out came the big guns. “Moondog” was a 300 pound plus, short legged wrestler that was as big around as he was tall.

His opponent was a normal sized wrestler with red and black tights and a mohawk hair cut.

When Mohawk saw who he was to wrestle, he seemed to get a little scared of the big dude.

It took a few minutes before Moondog persuaded Mohawk to get into the ring, but once in there, he pounded the smaller guy with elbow crushes and a crushing knee to the chest.

The main event was for the ECCW Championship Title Belt with Disco Furry as the challenger up against the ECCW champ, Smack.

As Smack came into the crowd, he shouted taunts to the crowd, saying how he hated “one-horse” towns like Princeton.

As he made his way to the ring, the crowd shouted back in retaliation to the Champ’s rantings.

Once in the ring, the two combatants taunted each other with glaring looks and the usual barbs of what they would do to each other.

As the match progressed, the two wrestlers were very athletic in their movements. Body slams, arm and leg twisting and high flying leaps off of the ropes went on throughout the match.

Disco Furry got a good hold on Smack and managed to throw him right out of the ring and into the first row of fans, who quickly got out of the way.

With new found energy, Smack took to the offensive and put Disco Furry to the mat for the three count to win the match and keep his title.

“The fights were fun”, said Fraser Esdale, “it wasn’t real fighting, but it was great entertainment.”

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