Wrestling on a long week end

So to start the long week end off on the right tone I was blessed with a chance to participate in a lumberjack match as a lumberjack. I was all excited for this, I was aching to get a few whacks in with my barbed wire bat. I was lucky when I showed up to the venue though, I was informed that they were short a match and I would be facing a rookie wrestling under the name “Pink Panther”.

Moondog Manson vs. Pink Panther

As I prepared for my match with a little pre-game whisky I thought to my self, wow I really have an easy night. As I hear my music start I started to feel that warm and tingly sensation I get right before some violence. I made my way out the curtain and you could fee the crowd giving off that vibe that they were possibly going to see the Ink Panther die at my hands.

The ring announcer declares the match to be that of one fall with a 20 minute time limit, which in all honestly provoked me to insist it only be 3 minutes. I attacked that little kid pulverizing him with every shot, going as low as ripping his tail off to choke him with. Perhaps being blinded by the ease of my match I slipped up and got reversed into a ring post which resulted in me taking an extremely hard fall on the floor. As I collected by self I cut the Pink Panther off with a kick to the nuts that was heard through out the building.

In the end my opponent fell victim to a sit down powerbomb.

Cremator vs. Scotty Mac – Lumberjack Match for the ECCW Heavyweight Title

Being old, fat and lazy I thought it would be in my best interest to sit down in the front road. After all there were enough sub par wrestlers at ring side that I didn’t need to be standing there. After watching the match for so long I started to get extremely agitated and needed to vent. Right as Cremator hit the roads I lashed out with my barbed wire bat, which allowed Scotty Mac to clothesline both Cremator and himself over the top rope and to the floor.

All chaos breaks out with every one. I start to beat the Pink Panther and Jamie Diaz brutalizing both of them to the point I see tears forming in their eyes. Cremator tries to get up but he is met with another 5 bat shots. In a moment of appreciate Scotty Mac foolishly thanks me, little did he know I was just out for blood and the moment he hugged me I belly to belly suplexed on the floor.

This Coming Saturday in Vancouver

I am sharpening the barbs on my bat, match or no match some ones getting a beating.

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